I don't think Ellis, Udoh, and a first rounder is very much.

First off, I don't think Ellis has a ton of value around the league. Udoh definitely doesn't either. And with the way the Bucks are playing, and would presumably get even better with Gordon in the mix, the first rounder would probably be in the twenties. Also not very valuable.

MILLER, there really is no way that Gooden and Ersan are going to be in a deal that brings back value for the Bucks. That's 15 million in BAD LONG TERM money. If Ellis went to the Hornets, he would more than likely opt out at the end of the season. So for the Hornets, it means cap space.

I hated both the Gooden and Illyasova deals from day one, and it is likely that so did most of the league. I really don't see anyone taking those guys on.