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Guys, none of this is important, what's important is that my PS3 just crapped out... S--t s--t s--t s--t!!!!

I agree with Branny, shoulda made a bigger play to get Weber.
I wasn't serious, haha. Ken Holland, the Detroit Red Wings were a top three team to get him in 'trade talks'. Keep in mind that Rick Nash, and Shea Weber are/were in the Central division. That's tough. Shea Weber clearly wasn't available in the regular season. In the off-season, we were there, but obviously not enough to make a CRAZY OFFER to a RFA. How many times do RFA's sign a offer sheet? I can count with my fingers since 2000.

How many times has Ken Holland let you down? How many bad signings has he made (Hatcher - I hated him here)? Not much. He's taken us to two Stanley Cup Finals in the cap era. Keep in mind it's only been what, 7 years. Holland is a smart man. He's an elite GM in sports. I trust him. I think we end up with J-Bo, or a suitable top four defenseman.