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I love this move. Poile has kept us hanging on a string and pushing back talks so Homer forced his hand. Sure its a risky, ballsy and even some would say ******* move but you dont win Stanley Cups by playing it safe all the time. I personally love Homer because he has the balls to almost annualy rock the NHL with a gutsy move.

As for those that are worried about Giroux.... Homer is too smart for that and knows if he gets Weber like this everyone will be lining up to OS Giroux so he will extend him before that point. I also think there is a deal worked out behind the scenes that may involve Voracek +. Suppossedly Poile is buddies with Homer and I think Homer is too smart to do something like this behind Poile's back and leave himself open to get caught with his pants down when Nashville does the same to Voracek. My bet is that Voracek is gone as part of an agreement for Nashville to not match the OS.

As for us now becoming the ******* of the NHL. Who gives a ****???? We already are the *******s of the NHL because everyone already still looks at us as the Broadstreet Bullies.

Bottomline is if we get Weber without giving up Schenn or Couts then they can call us *******s all they want cause in the epic words of Patrick Roy "We wont be able to hear what they said cause our ears were plugged with our Stanley Cup rings"
This wouldn't surprise me at all. As long as they keep Couturier and Schenn, they really can't lose in my opinion. And if the deal is $100 mil over 14 years, the compensation is only 2 1sts, a 2nd, and a 3rd (less than Pronger).