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Thread: Draft Order

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    Dec 2010

    Draft Order

    There were 24 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
    IAmARanger18 and jeff86
    The_Jamal and roshan3ai
    Ebbs and NormSizedMidget
    torapz, fuku, luca
    PhillyLuver and xxplayerxx23
    jrm2054 and ichitowncloni
    Greet, Ramon and SteelCurtain
    killerjug, Lucky and eagles4lyfe
    Jets012 and Robbw241
    NYYCowboy and Brewer
    TheSportMessiah and GreenMonster
    ccugrad and xnickx5757
    unleashthebeast and ukbronco
    Baller, homestarrunner and dbronc
    KnicksorBust and PocketKings
    Saddler the Gr8 and Riveramk2
    wildwesty and monkeyboy
    B'sCeltsPatsSox, PatsSoxKnicks, Superdude
    debo, CSSTL, BCB
    killthesux and mightybosstone
    Timestamp: 2013-08-04 21:21:53 UTC

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    Jan 2009
    1. IAmARanger18 and jeff86
    2. Wrench
    3. The_Jamal and roshan3ai
    4. Ebbs and NormSizedMidget
    5. torapz, fuku, luca
    6. PhillyLuver and xxplayerxx23
    7. StriveGreatness
    8. jrm2054 and ichitowncloni
    9. Greet, Ramon and SteelCurtain
    10. killerjug, Lucky and eagles4lyfe
    11. richiesaurus310
    12. Jets012 and Robbw241
    13. NickGB
    14. NYYCowboy and Brewer
    15. TheSportMessiah and GreenMonster
    16. ccugrad and xnickx5757
    17. unleashthebeast and ukbronco
    18. Baller, homestarrunner and dbronc
    19. KnicksorBust and PocketKings
    20. Saddler the Gr8 and Riveramk2
    21. wildwesty and monkeyboy
    22. B'sCeltsPatsSox, PatsSoxKnicks, Superdude
    23. debo, CSSTL, BCB
    24. killthesux and mightybosstone
    Quote Originally Posted by surf and turf View Post
    And the guy has been quoted all over the place saying if he lunged for the end zone it would have been a football move.

    Blandino said Bryant lunging forward toward the goal line is not the kind of overt act a player needs to make in order to be seen as making a “football move.”

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