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    Interesting article on a pitcher sabermetrics doesn't work for

    It's an interesting article... in no way disproves Sabermetrics, but does show how in every statistical system there are outliers for whom the system doesn't work.

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    Terrible title you selected for this thread. Sabermetrics explains Aaron Cook pretty well.

    Aaron Cook also walks nobody (2 walks in those same 29.2)
    Aaron Cook gets tons of groundballs, 58.8% this season

    He's running a little lucky this year, his ERA is a career 4.50 and he's at 3.34 in small sample size this year. That is not disproving sabermetrics at all. He's not even an extreme outlier. There's more to saber than just K/9.

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    sexicano31 Guest
    29 ip?!?! What a huge sample!

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    Since this was posted, Cook got bombed twice.. He did decent tonight, but his ERA is 4.70 now. Yes. Sabremetrics has been debunked lol.

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    WrightStuff and Sexicano both answered this very quickly lol.

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