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    May 2011

    New York Yankees Clubhouse

    New York Yankees

    Principal Owner - George Steinbrenner
    President - Randy Levine
    Vice President - Brian Cashman
    Field Manager - Joe Girardi
    General Manager - es0terik

    Salary Cap | $210,000,000
    Current Salary | $189,850,000
    Remaining Salary | $20,150,000

    		Active Roster
    Lineup	(1|S-SS)	Jose Reyes
    		(2|L-CF)	Jacoby Ellsbury
    		(3|S-1B)	Mark Teixeira
    		(4|L-2B)	Robinson Cano
    		(5|R-3B)	Aramis Ramirez
    		(6|L-C)	Miguel Montero
    		(7|R-DH)	Derek Jeter
    		(8|S-LF)	Nick Swisher
    		(9|R-RF)	Justin Ruggiano
    Rotation	(1|LP)	CC Sabathia
    		(2|RP)	Zack Greinke
    		(3|RP)	Ian Kennedy
    		(4|RP)	Tim Lincecum
    		(5|RP)	Anibal Sanchez
    Bullpen	(Relief)	Brad Ziegler
    		(Relief)	Santiago Casilla
    		(Relief)	Boone Logan
    		(Long)	Freddy Garcia
    		(Setup)	David Robertson
    		(Closer)	Rafael Soriano
    Bench	(Bench)	Brett Gardner
    		(Bench)	Jed Lowrie
    		(Bench)	Coco Crisp
    		(Bench)	Andruw Jones
    		(Bench)	Russell Martin

    Active Roster | Farm System

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    May 2011
    Payroll ______________ 25-Man Roster ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    $23,000,000 - Mark Teixeira ($125,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $23,125,000) $23,000,000 - CC Sabathia $18,000,000 - Tim Lincecum ($250,000 paid by Giants | Original: $18,250,000) $16,000,000 - Derek Jeter $14,000,000 - Robinson Cano $11,000,000 - Rafael Soriano $10,000,000 - Nick Swisher ($250,000 paid by Giants | Original: $10,250,000) $10,000,000 - Jose Reyes $08,000,000 - Jacoby Ellsbury ($50,000 paid by Giants | Original: $8,050,000) $08,000,000 - Anibal Sanchez $07,000,000 - Russell Martin ($500,000 paid by Giants | Original: $7,500,000) $04,000,000 - Freddy Garcia $02,100,000 - Coco Crisp ($3,900,000 paid by Athletics and Brewers | Original: $6,000,000) $02,000,000 - Santiago Casilla ($200,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $2,200,000) $02,000,000 - Andruw Jones $01,000,000 - Boone Logan ($0,875,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $1,875,000) $00,000,000 - Zack Greinke ($13,500,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $13,500,000) $00,000,000 - Aramis Ramirez ($6,000,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $6,000,000) $00,000,000 - Miguel Montero ($5,900,000 paid by Diamondbacks | Original: $5,900,000) $00,000,000 - Brett Gardner ($2,800,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $2,800,000) $00,000,000 - Brad Ziegler ($1,795,000 paid by Diamondbacks | Original: $1,795,000) $00,000,000 - David Robertson ($1,600,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $1,600,000) $00,000,000 - Jed Lowrie ($1,150,000 paid by Astros | Original: $1,150,000) $00,000,000 - Ian Kennedy ($519,500 paid by Diamondbacks | Original: $519,500) $00,000,000 - Justin Ruggiano ($400,000 paid by Brewers | Original: $400,000)
    ______________ Demotions ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    $15,000,000 - Mariano Rivera $01,100,000 - Raul Ibanez $00,400,000 - DeWayne Wise $00,400,000 - Darnell McDonald $00,400,000 - Clay Rapada $00,400,000 - Chris Stewart $00,400,000 - Cody Eppley $00,400,000 - Cory Wade
    ______________ Cash Output ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ
    $06,950,000 - To the Red Sox $05,000,000 - To the Marlins
    --- Total: $189,850,000 ---

    Cash Intake


    $13,500,000 - from Milwaukee Brewers (Zack Greinke Trade)
    $12,333,333 - from Milwaukee Brewers (Phil Hughes Trade)
    $8,214,500 - from Arizona Diamondbacks (Miguel Montero Trade)
    $3,500,000 - from Oakland Athletics (Andy Pettitte Trade)
    $1,450,000 - from San Francisco Giants (Tim Lincecum Trade)
    $1,150,000 - from Houston Astros (Jed Lowrie Trade)


    $333,333 sent to the San Francisco Giants

    $13,500,000 on Zack Greinke; Remaining Salary: $0
    $6,000,000 on Aramis Ramirez; Remaining Salary: $0
    $5,900,000 on Miguel Montero; Remaining Salary: $0
    $2,800,000 on Brett Gardner; Remaining Salary: $0
    $1,795,000 on Brad Ziegler; Remaining Salary: $0
    $1,600,000 on David Robertson; Remaining Salary: $0
    $1,150,000 on Jed Lowrie; Remaining Salary: $0
    $519,500 on Ian Kennedy; Remaining Salary: $0
    $400,000 on Justin Ruggiano; Remaining Salary: $0

    $3,900,000 on Coco Crisp; Remaining Salary: $2,100,000
    $875,000 on Boone Logan; Remaining Salary: $1,000,000
    $500,000 on Russell Martin; Remaining Salary: $7,000,000
    $250,000 on Tim Lincecum; Remaining Salary; $18,000,000
    $250,000 on Nick Swisher; Remaining Salary: $10,000,000
    $200,000 on Santiago Casilla; Remaining Salary: $2,000,000
    $125,000 on Mark Teixeira; Remaining Salary: $23,000,000
    $50,000 on Jacoby Ellsbury; Remaining Salary: $8,000,000

    Total: $36,647,833

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    May 2011

    Farm System

    1 | {Grade B+} Gary Sanchez, C - TRADED
    Excellent power production in full-season ball at age 18; that is rare. His glove needs work and he needs to take his career more seriously, but he has time to outgrow emotional immaturity.

    2 | {Grade B} Manny Banuelos, LHP - TRADED
    He got a B last year and I can't bump his grade up a notch given the command difficulties he had in Double-A. He's still a fine prospect, however, projecting as a number three starter if all goes well.

    3 | {Grade B} Dellin Betances, RHP
    He's got plenty of stuff but command wobbles prevent the B+ at this time. Ceiling is a tad higher than Banuelos, but I'm less confident that he'll reach it. Depending on what happens with his command, he could develop into anything from a number two starter to a disappointing mop-up man.

    4 | {Grade B} Mason Williams, OF - TRADED
    We need to see him higher than the New York-Penn League, but he showed progress with both the bat and the glove. Main question is how much power he'll develop. Grade may be a bit aggressive.

    5 | {Grade B} Dante Bichette Jr, 3B - TRADED
    Way ahead of where his father was at the same stage. Controls the strike zone well, doesn't strike out much for a young power hitter, and third base defense proved to be much better than expected.

    6 | {Grade B} Jose Campos, RHP
    Acquired in the Montero/Pineda deal. Very live arm, throws strikes with plus fastball, still working on secondary pitches. High upside.

    7 | {Grade B-} David Phelps, RHP - TRADED
    I like him more than most people do. Has developed the secondary pitches needed to off-set the fastball, and was one of the few pitchers who didn't get killed in the Arizona Fall League. Could be a fourth starter if given a chance.

    8 | {Grade B-} Ravel Santana, OF - TRADED
    This grade assumes that the gruesome ankle injury doesn't permanently hurt his career. Very high ceiling with potent power/speed combo. High risk as most young tools players are. Yankees sources indicate that Santana's injury recovery is going well. He may start the season late, but is expected to retain 100% functionality.

    9 | {Grade B-} Tyler Austin, 3B - TRADED
    I don't know why this guy doesn't get more attention. Polished bat for a 19-year-old, defense needs work, has stolen 18 bases without getting caught in his career so far.

    10 | {Grade C+} Adam Warren, RHP - TRADED
    Often paired with Phelps. I like Phelps a little better even though Warren gets more press. For many teams Warren's ability to eat innings with decent stuff would get him a full rotation audition in 2012.

    11 | {Grade C+} Austin Romine, C - TRADED
    I don't like Romine as much as a lot of other people do. His bat is stagnating and his performance doesn't match his reputation behind the plate, at least in terms of throwing out runners. Still, he should have a long career and at age 23 he can improve much further.

    12 | {Grade C+} J.R. Murphy, C
    12) J.R. Murphy, C, Grade C+: Defense reports improving, but bat is erratic and he had adaptation issues in High-A before getting hurt. Still very young, 2012 would be his draft year if he had gone to college.

    13 | {Grade C+} Cito Culver, SS - TRADED
    Good defensive reports, still very raw with the bat but was younger than most of his competition. Grade will rise when/if he makes offensive progress.

    14 | {Grade C+} Brett Marshall, RHP
    Fully recovered from Tommy John and had solid year in High-A. Good sinker, has cleaned up delivery, possible mid-rotation starter.

    15 | {Grade C+} Slade Heathcott, OF
    Has tools to rank as high as seven, but persistent shoulder problems are slowing his development. Power has been disappointing.

    16 | {Grade C+} Angelo Gumbs, 2B
    Makes a nice double play combo with Culver and they should move up together. Needs polish on both sides of the ball, but tools are here.

    17 | {Grade C+} Nik Turley, LHP - TRADED
    Breakthrough candidate for 2012. Season ended early due to broken hand and as a result he doesn't get much attention. That will change if he brings the stuff and command he showed in Low-A forward to High-A. Mid-rotation upside.

    18 | {Grade C+} Daniel Lopez, OF
    Showed speed and some power potential in Gulf Coast League.

    19 | {Grade C} David Adams, 2B
    Has lost most of two seasons to injury. Average tools but should hit if his body lets him.

    20 | {Grade C} Ramon Flores, OF
    Draws walks, contributes touches of power and speed, but could end up stuck as a tweener.
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    May 2011


    Yankees receive:
    Zack Greinke ($13,500,000)
    Cash ($13,500,000)

    Brewers receive:
    Mason Williams (Prospect)
    Dante Bichette Jr. (Prospect)
    Cito Culver (Prospect)
    Ravel Santana (Prospect)

    Payrolls Remain the Same

    Yankees receive:
    Jed Lowrie ($1,150,000)
    Cash ($1,150,000)

    Astros receive:
    Michael Pineda ($528,475)
    Eduardo Nunez ($523,800)
    David Phelps ($480,000)

    Yankees Payroll (-) 1,532,275
    Astros Payroll (+) 1,532,275

    Yankees receive:
    Hanley Ramirez ($15,000,000)
    Jose Reyes ($10,000,000)
    Anibal Sanchez ($8,000,000)
    Justin Ruggiano ($400,000)

    Marlins receive:
    Alex Rodriguez ($30,000,000)
    Curtis Granderson ($10,000,000)
    Eric Chavez ($900,000)
    Cash ($5,000,000)

    Yankees Payroll (-) 2,500,000
    Marlins Payroll (+) 2,500,000

    Yankees receive:
    Jacoby Ellsbury ($8,050,000)

    Red Sox receive:
    Hanley Ramirez ($15,000,000)
    Nik Turley (Prospect)
    Cash ($6,950,000)

    Payrolls Remain the Same

    Yankees receive:
    Corey Hart ($9,333,333)
    Aramis Ramirez ($6,000,000)
    Cash ($12,333,333)

    Brewers receive:
    Phil Hughes ($3,200,000)
    Manny Banuelos (Prospect)
    Adam Warren (Prospect)

    Yankees payroll (-) 200,000
    Brewers payroll (+) 200,000

    Yankees receive:
    Tim Lincecum ($18,250,000)
    Santiago Casilla ($2,200,000)
    Cash ($1,450,000)

    Giants receive:
    Hiroki Kuroda ($10,000,000)
    Corey Hart ($9,333,333)
    Cash ($333,333)

    Payrolls Remain the Same

    Yankees receive:
    Miguel Montero ($5,900,000)
    Brad Ziegler ($1,795,000)
    Ian Kennedy ($519,500)
    Cash ($8,214,500)

    Diamondbacks receive:
    Ivan Nova ($527,200)
    Gary Sanchez (Prospect)
    Tyler Austin (Prospect)
    Austin Romine (Prospect)

    Yankees Payroll (-) 527,000
    Diamondbacks Payroll (+) 527,000

    Yankees receive:
    Coco Crisp ($6,000,000)
    Collin Cowgill (Prospect)
    Cash ($3,500,000)

    Athletics receive:
    Andy Pettitte ($2,500,000)

    Payrolls Remain the Same

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    Dec 2012
    I am so excited we got Lincecum! Hopefully he can brings along his hot hand and he pitches us a few world series like he did at the Giants. I usually get New York Mets Tickets when I come to visit, but this year I think I will be getting Yankees tickets because I am such a big fan of Lincecum.
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