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    Nov 2008

    Royals and Cubs (offseason deal)

    Cubs in:
    2B Eric Humphrey (MLB)
    SP Maurice Bell (A)
    LF Kenny Wilson (A)

    Royals in:
    3B Jeffery Kennedy (MLB)

    TKO Royals GM 2015 -2040
    "Ain't nothin' but a KC thang"
    12 - 100 Win Seasons
    5 - AL Pennants
    3 - World Series Titles

    "Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle." - Abraham Lincoln

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    Feb 2004
    Kennedy was one of the players that I picked up in the Alastor Moody trade. In five seasons with the Cubs, he has been inconsistent at best. He gave me three pretty solid seasons but two seasons in the middle that were just blah. I wasn't planning on shopping him until after this coming season but the development of 2B/3B Celio Amil has made him expendable.

    2B Eric Humphrey is an okay player and is very versatile on the field. He's under contract for four more seasons as well.

    LF Kenny Wilson is a booster who could be useful at some point if he continues to boost up.

    SP Maurice Bell is the guy I really like in this deal. Kansas City has a pretty solid farm system and this guy is his 6th best prospect. His movement is pretty low but if it boosts up any, this guy could make a fairly solid starting pitcher. If it boosts up into the green, the dude could make this trade a steal.

    Cubs accept.

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    Dec 2008

    Chicago Bears #23
    Kyle "Cheetah" Fuller

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