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    Quote Originally Posted by d79cheese View Post
    I'm sorry but this is the most blown out of thing that is always said about Romo. Dez Bryant is the only 1st round receiver he has ever had to throw to (Felix Jones is the only other 1st round skill position player). Until recently, Cowboys ALWAYS went defense heavy in the first few rounds.

    Miles is undrafted
    Ogletree is undrafted
    Witten is a 3rd rounder
    Robinson was a 3rd round pick (who hasn't done anything outside of Dallas)
    Patrick Crayton was a 7th round pick
    Sam Hurd was undrafted
    T.O. was just passing his prime and his numbers took a huge hit playing in Buffalo and Cinci.

    I can list other guys he's thrown to over the years that have the same backgrounds. Tony Romo is a big reason to the success of a lot of the players around him, not the other way around
    THANK YOU!!! romo takes undrafted free agent wr and makes them superstars. ( well, maybe not all of them superstars, but at least well known names, big free agents for other teams) robinson was cut from the chargers, after being a nobody for 3 seasons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ramon Nivar View Post
    What if the rest of the team played better early? He isn't the sole reason. The Cowboys lost because the Giants outplayed them. They never should have been in that situation, but they were and therefore the team lost the game.
    It was sarcasm lol. That's the.logic from fans of a certain team on here though. That one play is why they.lost and nothing else. Bringing up the defense giving up those 14 points is.just making excuses

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