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    Cam Janssen's Missing Filter


    Which brings us to the radio interview Cam Janssen did on the "Thom and Jeff Show" earlier this week (this is not in any way safe for work).

    It was, in a word, revolting.

    Among the list of public relations mistakes Janssen made throughout the interview was dropping a few dozen F-bombs (which I'm fine with, but team officials likely are not), mentioning, "fat broads that you regret bangin'," talking about how he openly tells guys on other teams that he will attempt to hurt them if they chirp him or do not play in a manner that is to his liking, saying that he hits with the intent to injure, and noting that if he knows another player is gay which he addressed in the most vulgar terms possible he will definitely try to kick his ***.

    It can be pretty easy to explain away a lot of this stuff. It's an uncensored radio show and Janssen seems to have a preexisting relationship with the hosts, so he is comfortable around them and feels more at ease in talking about whatever comes into his mind. The hosts also asked him a number of very leading questions, including the one that directly prompted the gross homophobic remark.

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    Except nothing was said the way it's explained watch the interview it's out of context and he said the guy would get his *** kicked abuse wise if you heard the back an forth prior. On another note gays women whatever want to be equal then be equal and quit whining equal doesn't mean better it means equal so enough with the pc bs

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    I am certainly not in favour of the ignorance spewed out of Cam's mouth but make no mistake professional athletes are often doucebags. Most players in the league don't have the class of a Jerome Iginla or Shane Doan, thinking otherwise is just naive.

    Playing hockey my whole life at a relatively high level, I can tell you this is the kind of stuff that is said in a changeroom. Like it or not, it's part of the culture.

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