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    Carlos Delfino (re-signs with Bucks; 5 years, 17M)

    Mr. Delfino,

    The Bucks have loved what you have brought to our team the last 3 years. We want you to be our back-up SF playing around 20 MPG on a team looking to contend. We offer will offer you a 5 year contract looking like this:

    Year 1: $3,000,000
    Year 2: $3,225,000 (PO)
    Year 3: $3,466,875 (PO)
    Year 4: $3,726,891 (PO)
    Year 5: $4,006,407 (PO)
    Total: $17,425,173

    Thanks for the time. Hope to see you back in Milwaukee Carlos.

    - Bucks FO

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    Carlos is very excited about the security and flexibility provided by the contract the Bucks have in front of him. He also has no complaints about the moves they've made this offseason and believes the team is better equipped to compete for a championship now.

    My client is leaning very heavily toward re-signing with the Bucks.

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    Feb 2007
    My client had hoped to have other options in front of him, but he loves what Milwaukee had to say anyway.

    Carlos Delfino re-signs with the Milwaukee Bucks for 5 years, 17M.

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