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Yeah.... just like the Jays in Toronto with all their scouting in the draft.

Sorry for my late reply, I was in Toronto doing up the parade route for all the world series championships they're bringing home due to "good drafting".

Hard to believe we're even arguing this to be honest. In EVERY sport the draft is a crap shoot, no matter how much money or scouting you invest in. I'm not saying you can't make educated guesses but don't come here and tell me that because you spend more money in drafting you wont have to worry about busting on a top draft pick. Honestly, you're a moron if you believe the bold and think no one 1st overall will ever bust again.
I'm a moron because I think that teams have invested more money into scouting to prevent top picks from busting? That's what the bold part states. I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm saying teams are doing their best to prevent it from happening by investing money in scouting. Seems to have worked for the Detroit Red WIngs.