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    Adderall isnt a steroid... I knew there would be idiots that would start making steroid remarks about Ruiz after this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fred View Post
    Anyone that knows Ricky from the sixers forum knew that he would be in here for the slightest thing regarding Chooch....of course, if nothing ever happened, the apology line would not have started with him....Ricky loves to predict about 1,000 things and then see if any come true...

    go back to the sixers forum
    I'd prefer he didn't actually. Bobcats forum would be ideal.

    He woulda been ****ed in Washington...
    Update: Turns out he was ****ed in Kansas City too

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    Quote Originally Posted by thelgndkllr35 View Post
    i'd prefer he didn't actually. Bobcats forum would be ideal.

    FIRE ME!

    “I don’t do five year plans — other organizations do, I guess.” - Ruben Amaro Jr

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    Quote Originally Posted by theLgndKllr35 View Post
    I'd prefer he didn't actually. Bobcats forum would be ideal.
    good point.

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    Adults with ADHD often struggle with planning, impulse control and easy distractibility. Adderall’s effectiveness in improving concentration, impulse control and attention span make it a desirable solution for these adults.

    Similarly, adults without ADHD can enjoy these same attention-span increasing benefits. As it pertains to Major League Baseball, in 2011 a total of 105 players were granted exemptions under the league’s drug policy to fill prescriptions for Adderall according to an article. That’s about one in every 10 players, a much higher rate than the general population.

    “The anticipated benefit is that performance and stamina can be enhanced,” said Daniel Hussar, professor of pharmacy at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at the University of the Sciences. “But sometimes individuals get into such a habit of using these medications that it can be quite a letdown when they stop using them. They feel compelled to continue using the product.”
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Hinkie
    "I'm probably pretty boring to watch a game with because I''m all about expected values. I don''t even care if it goes in or not, I'm all about, '‘Should it go in?'' I can live with randomness. I mean, if it''s a close game in the end, yeah, I''m just like anyone else. But I just want us to play the odds all the time."

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