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    Quote Originally Posted by flips333 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by John X Doe View Post
    Your guess is wrong. Sorry I don't provide the affirmation you seek.
    If my curiosity and questions are crap, then please don't respond. I didn't insult you.
    Sorry I call people out on their crap. You are going to insult an entire race of people and then get squeamish if someone calls you on it.

    Personal experience is allways biased and limited. I'd suggest reading and thinking about Wes's response.

    Ignoring history is fine... You don't accept the answer as "real" fine... But blacks were oppressed, then legislation was passed to ensure equal rights... They have some loyalty to that party. And it's not hard to know who racists vote for. If you hate blacks, gays, Jews or Hispanics you are really really likely to vote republican. (note I'm not saying all republicans hold this view point) If you are a black, Jew gay or Hispanic what else do you need to know about the parties?

    Like it or not that **** is real. Ain't no skin head voting DEM. lol

    I mean it's not just blacks every body thinks this way ask anybody, who is somebody who hates minorities gonna vote for even a Republican will tell you the GOP.

    Think about it this way, if you se a man pull up with a I hate n- word bumper sticker. To a voting place and go in to vote. you can bet everything you have in this world he is voting GOP.

    I had a friend who was a republican, until they almost voted in David duke gov in Louisiana. If black people would not have gone out in drove to stop his kkk *** from winning the GOP would have voted him in knowing full well he was a member of the Kkk. After that my friend was done with the GOP.

    An thats why blacks will almost all vote DEM. It's one of those there ain't enough room for all of us kinda thing.
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