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You guys are talking about trends going 50 years back. I'd like to know today why more than 90% of blacks only press the button marked D. Do they think the D is helping them? Where are they getting their advice? Who's counseling them? The church? Black leaders? Particular TV networks? Their parents?

I'd like to hear from black voters. Do they feel Republicans are evil? Do they have any idea what Republicans stand for? I've been in Afghanistan for a few years with hundeds and hundreds of soldiers, civilians and contractors and I'll say this - I've never seen one single black person pay one iota of attention towards any political show be it CNN, Fox, CBS, or MSNBC as we all convene for each meal. I personally don't believe the vast, vast majority of black voters have a single idea in their head of the issues and am very curious why every one of them vote D every single time. Just curious.
The simple answer to this is 50 years is really not a long time at all...