I was watching the speech that Mitt Romney made to the NAACP. First of all, I was glad that he went to speak to the group, in spite of the fact that most in attendance and African-Americans in general will not support him. It lead to think about this.....How on Earth did it get to the point that African-Americans are voting in overwhelming numbers for Democrats? I do not know how the perception of the Republican Party as an anti-black party came into being. The Republican Party was founded on the position of anti-slavery. Republicans were huge supporters of policy advancing the rights of African-Americans, including the Civil Rights Act. I know that there were Democrats that helped in the Advancement of African-American rights (like Harry Truman, who got rid of segregation in the military and Lyndon Johnson, who pushed for the Civil Rights Act). However, there were also many Democrats who were opposed to policy that led the advancement of African-Americans. It took many years for the party to become supportive of African-American advancing policy. Personally, I think that we as a country should stop voting for candidates based on racial interests and vote on candidates that could help advance our country. I think we need to truly become a society that judges people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Now, I would love for you guys, in a CIVIL manner, to debate this question: What has lead to black opposition to the Republican Party and how can it be changed?