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If Connolly is our number one center next yr, we are not making the playoffs.
That's such a blanket answer. Bozak was our 1st line center last year and we weren't even close. Are we even better? At all? If Connolly scores 65 points in 73 games like he did 3 seasons ago, he's the highest scoring centerman in Toronto since Sundin had 78 points in 07-08.

If Connolly scored 65 points, we'd make the playoffs.
Your banking on big if. History has shown that he can't stay healthy and he does no look like the same player he was before. This team needs goaltending help and a number one line center and maybe even a top four defensemen.

Realistically only one or two of those needs may get filled. This off-season has been one of the slowest in recent memory or it just feels that way.