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    Mar 2008
    Nuu Yawk

    Nets - Timberwolves Trade

    Nets Receive:
    Kevin Garnett

    Timberwolves Recieve:
    Stephon Marbury
    Kenyon Martin
    Kerry Kittles
    2002 Nets 1st rounder

    Accept. Taking a risk here in giving up 3 starters under 26 of my 58 win team, but ultimately I don't think my team currently constructed is a legitimate contender. I give up the farm for KG to pair with Terry, and hopefully, I'll be able to round out the team in the offseason.

    Good dealing with Silent, you're a hell of a negotiator.

    *Obviously, this is to be processed after the playoffs, in the offseason

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    Oct 2008
    I accept i get a rookie contract in Martin Plus 2 good players in Marbury and Kittles to rebuild on to add to Wally and Chauncey. I only made the 8th seed so i am looking towards the future plus i get a draft pick in a solid draft

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