I'm a bit confused, not really surprising

It sounded like Gillis (and ownership) were going hard after Doan, even made him an offer. But then I hear his agent saying that Doan will have until July 16 to make a decision on whether he'll request a trade. His agent also mentioned that at that time (July16) they will entertain offers. ???

I thought the Canucks already had discussions with Doan about signing here.

I understand that Doan is no spring chicken and nearing the end of his loyal career. But you've got to give him a lot of credit: his work ethic, his leadership and doing as well as he did for many years on a lame team like Phoenix. (aside from the good year and playoffs they had this year). I'm thinking if he signs with the canucks and plays with some real top-end talent, he may get a second wind and excel.