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    Quote Originally Posted by Farty Farts View Post
    Grich wasnt a top 100 prospect when we acquired him and this kids walk rate doubles grichuks. at worst hes trade bait with high value
    And Grichuk was only striking out 16-17% right before he was traded for.

    Grichuk BB/K the two years prior to being traded to the Cardinals - 2012 - .25, 2013 - .30. O'Neill's is .41

    Their batted ball profiles are remarkably similar, and Grichuk would be considered the better fielder.

    They are both right handed pull hitters. O'Neill is probably the better hitter at this point, but he has also been not performing in an offensive league and park this year. And Grichuk was a much better defensive player.
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    I've never seen Moz make such blunt comments about the team. That was pretty out of character for him.

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    Stanton dont wanna be here. time to trade anyone and everyone not name reyes, martinez and kelly off this roster.

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