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Your sarcasm clearly didn't come through well since other people also told you that we dont need another RBI guy and that you can't blame the offense.

Venting is perfectly fine but if your going to vent sarcastically I reccomend using the smilies, lol, haha, something that makes it clear sarcasm, it doesn't travel well over the net and we've had issues with guys making completely crazy statements and being legitiment about it. You'll make it much easier on yourself and other posters to put something like a stuff like that.

You don't have to of course, it will just help people know when your venting or making a joke vs making a legitiment statement. Certain things just don't translate well online lol
Ok Skippy, Sorry, didnt realize it was sounding that bad. I enjoy this site and like the discussions, not on here to make anyone mad or make trouble, sorry if it sounded to strong.