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    Jun 2016

    Lets play the would ya' game. Evan Longoria

    Would you give up prospects not named Reyes for Longoria? You can name your own proposal.

    Question remains would you 1) do it and 2) your offer or what you think it would take even if you say no.

    I know my answer and I'll wait for responses to post.

    Since I factored in age, contract and what we could use that money on in the future I'll ask you to factor those things in too.

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    Jul 2010
    I don't we need him.

    Peralta, Diaz, Carpenter, Wong, Gyroko, Adams, and Moss kind of have us having a very full infield for the next two years.

    I wouldn't move much for a guy that doesn't fit and is aging with a huge contract and has shown regression.

    Outside of pen help, I don't see many trade needs this season.

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