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    Conference Rankings: First matches will be up by Sunday; Send write-ups by Saturday

    This is where we'll post the final rankings for each conference after each ballot is accounted for. This re-draft, we'll be doing a secret ballot ranking so that there isn't any bias in the final rankings. Remember that you're ranking the conference you're NOT in.

    If you're in the Lina Conference, send the rankings in to me.

    If you're in the Cristina Conference, send the rankings in to Pete Dahh Sneak.

    Seeds #8 and #9 in the Lina Conference will play in a wild card playoff with the winner progressing to face the #1 seed.

    Here are the two conferences and links to each team's clubhouses:

    Lina Conference

    Red Star Belgrade
    Zenit St. Petersburg
    Hercules Alicante

    Cristina Conference

    Birmingham City
    Real Madrid
    Seattle Sounders
    Manchester City
    River Plate
    Manchester United
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    Since Arsenal has been DQ'ed, this is how the Lina Conference will shape up:

    #1 Red Star Belgrade vs #8 Zenit
    #2 Juventus vs #7 Tottenham
    #3 Chelsea vs #6 Wolverhampton
    #4 Hercules vs #5 Barcelona

    If you plan on doing writeups, have them sent to me by Saturday. If you do not plan on writing 1, please just VM me and let me know so it'll quicken up the process of posting the matchups.

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    Playoff matchups:
    #2 River Plate vs. #7 Manchester City
    #3 Birmingham City vs. #6 Real Madrid
    #4 Napoli vs. #5 Seattle Sounders

    #1 Lyon gets a bye (Manchester United DQ'ed due to having outdated clubhouse without even a formation)

    *Note: Real Madrid and Seattle Sounders tied for 5th place. First tiebreaker used was number of times each team was voted ahead of the other: Tied 3-3. Second tiebreaker used was highest placement among voters: Seattle wins tiebreaker by virtue of being voted a #1 seed compared to Real being voted a #2 seed.

    Vote #1:
    1. Lyon
    2. River Plate
    3. Seattle Sounders
    4. Birmingham City
    5. Real Madrid
    6. Napoli
    7. Manchester City
    8. Manchester United

    Vote #2:
    1. River Plate
    2. Real Madrid
    3. Lyon
    4. Napoli
    5. Manchester City
    6. Seattle
    7. Birmingham
    8. Manchester Utd

    Vote #3:
    1. River Plate
    2. Lyon
    3. Napoli
    4. Birmingham
    5. Manchester City
    6. Real Madrid
    7. Seattle Sounders
    8. Manchester United

    Vote #4:
    1. Lyon
    2. Napoli
    3. River
    4. Bir City
    5. Man city
    6. Seattle
    7. Madrid
    8. Man utd

    Vote #5:
    1. Lyon
    2. Birmingham City
    3. River Plate
    4. Napoli
    5. Man City
    6. Real Madrid
    7. Sounders
    8. Man United

    Vote #6:
    1) Sounders
    2) Lyon
    3) Birmingham City
    4) Madrid
    5) City
    6) Napoli
    7) River Plate

    Birmingham City 24
    Lyon 10
    Real Madrid 30
    Seattle Sounders 30
    Manchester City 32
    River Plate 17
    Napoli 25
    Manchester United 48

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