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    Carl Landry Signs with Thunder

    Mr Landry,

    The Oklahoma City Thunder would like to offer you the mini-MLE for 1 year and hope you are willing to take our offer into consideration in order to compete for the championship which we feel is something a player of your calibre deserves to be a part of.

    We currently don't have a starting PF and our two PFs are rookie Quincy Acy and Brandan Wright.
    We believe that a starting line up of Rondo-Sefolosha-Durant-yourself-Perkins is strong enough to win the conference this season so that we can reach the NBA Finals again and this time actually go all the way with your help.

    The OKC Thunder lacked an inside, post scorer. We believe that you can help us with that and with Rondo distributing you'll have many open looks to boost your numbers and get a much improved deal in the future. We are offering you a chance to put your name in history and also get in a better situation next offseason to get a much improved salary.

    With respect,
    The OKC Thunder

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    Signs with Thunder mini MLE.

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