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    ^I would too, but I wouldn't want to see it turn into a Phil Kessel like deal..

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    ^I know what you mean but a 1st and a 3rd arent quite 2 1sts and a 2nd. Either way, id take the risk. Could end up hurting us, but Isles have been too conservative anyway, last time we made a somewhat significant move was over 5 years ago..

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    I'd rather trade our prospects than a potential top 5 pick

    Cizikas, ulstrom, lee, Petrov, Persson, sundstrom, kioskonen, poulin, Nilsson can't all make the team

    Only guys who are pretty much written for this team

    Ideal team in 3 years


    As you can see, we have an influx of forwards

    Guys I want are cizikas, ulstrom, kabamov, strome, niño, bailey, grabs, KO, JT, moulson, Martin, Nielsen

    Cizikas and ulstrom will be good 3rd liners one day, but I'd rather have one of Nielsen/cizikas as a 3C and ten get a big checking winger

    We are going to have to trade a couple prospects eventually

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    Jul 2011
    And as of D

    Pedan ha a great season, top 4 potential now

    So we have

    Top pair potential
    2nd pair potential
    Polka, pedan, mayfield, Donovan, de Haan,
    3rd potential
    Kitchton, ness, wishart

    The rest of 2012 draft class is up in the air

    Pretty much what's given at this point in 3 years is

    Hammer as our 2nd defender
    And Donovan, de Haan, being at lowest is 6th
    Reinhart could possibly be penciled already as lowest at 7th d man

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