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    Future Draft Pick Tracking

    Credit to Crooner for this idea.

    This thread is dedicated to future draft picks which have been traded but have not been able to be put on their new team yet. Post in here with the trade link (preferably) and I will update this post to keep track of it.

    Picks to be moved:

    TWolves 2007 1st to Lakers.
    Hornets 2007 1st to Rockets.
    Grizzlies 2007 1st to Lakers.
    Grizzlies 2008 1st to Lakers.
    Hornets 2008 1st to Rockets.
    Hornets 2009 1st to Rockets.
    Lakers 2010 1st to Pacers.
    Knicks 2010 1st to Mavs.

    Already moved:
    Lakers 2004 1st to the Wolves then to the Grizzlies then to the Pacers.
    Jazz 2004 1st to Bulls then to the Rockets.
    Hornets 2004 1st to Warriors.
    Wolves 2004 1st to Rockets.
    Bucks 2004 1st to the Bulls then to the 76ers.
    Nets 2005 1st to Suns.
    Hornets 2005 1st to Warriors.
    Jazz 2005 1st to Sonics.
    Wolves 2005 1st to Rockets.
    Clippers 2005 1st to Jazz.
    Grizzlies 2006 1st to Jazz then to the Clippers.
    Jazz 2006 1st to Kings then to Sonics back to Jazz.
    Wizards 2005 1st to Pacers then to Lakers (I think).
    Hawks 2005 1st to Bucks.
    Celtics 2005 1st to Mavs.
    Kings 2006 1st to Mavs.
    TWolves 2006 1st to Lakers.
    Hornets 2006 1st to Warriors.
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