derek i like where ur draft is at, i would change a couple things like the hunter pick, i love the kid and hes got a **** ton of potential but im honestly worried about his knee/mindset, but we have our own fav guys so not hating on that but i think, if we pulled a

FA- Wallace, Cook

1st- BPA(OL/DE/whatever it is)
2nd -would be awesome if rhodes were here
2nd - bailey because i think the combo of wallace,bailey and cook....nothing needs to be said we all know what that would produce, along with miller/bush running the ball try and put 8 men in the box and get smoked on the outside or dont put them in the box and bush/miller(either way explosive) kills ur defense

then i love the 3rd round u have there derek, 2 of my draft favs this year...alls i know is that this guy here is pumped about what this team COULD become, not getting my hopes up bc ive been a fan for 23 years, im used to being let down by them