Well I like him for a couple reasons. Like ive said he has been asked to over produce, we have been asking him to produce on the top line when he is not a top line player. He is a second line wing. He has been asked to produce too much. Now he gets to go up and relax and just play his game instead of having to worry about potting one every game. On top of that when he is healthy he is probably the fastest skater and best skater on the team, something which could cause a real problem on a line with Granlund and Setoguchi and something he has never really been able to use because he hasnt had the line mates that are at his skating level. If Koivu has one downfall its he isnt the greatest skater, and Latendresse was EXTREMELY slow. When PMB was on a line with them he never ever really got a chance to showcase his skating (except for a couple games when Jacques had Burns playing forward a couple games haha). Granlund needs help in that department but it will come along, and Setoguchi might be the second best skater on the team. It will be good. If he can stay healthy and play 75+ games I am willing to bet 55+ pts.

Plus his cap hit is like 4mil....That is super cheap for a 50-60 pt forward these days.