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I honestly have very little interest in us getting Rick Nash, honestly imo stay the course give Kreider the big time minutes allow him to develop & see what the season brings & if needed make a move in season. I certainly dont move JT Miller or Mcillrath the only 1 of our young kids I'd really be ok with moving is Hagelin & thats not even sitting well with me the more i think of it.
Quick question ... Who nets goals for us the first 3 months of next year ?? How does our PP get fixed ?? who on this team will become that 2nd guy to take the spotlight off gabby when he gets back .. When gabby gets back will he be anything near 100% .. I agree not giving up alot for Nash but You need him here ... This team will not have a season like last year .. We played better then we should. Its not like we ran away with the east and dont even go there with the 2 wins away from the SCF . We were also 1 game away from getting kicked out in the first two rounds . 7 seconds away this team is filled with 3rd line pushing 2nd line Talent . Nash or Ryan is what we need big time . More so Nash because 1. Ryan might bolt to Philly in 3 years . 2. with what they gave out in contracts this year in three years Ryan will want Parise money or more .

When it comes down to it .. Dubi AA 1ST is what should take it to get it done .. NO More then that .. maybe a prospect but thats it .. Also a plus i truly believe Nash wants to be a Ranger more then any other team and that makes me want him more ...