To be Honest this is a Maple Leaf Situation

Top Lines Projected

Kessel, Bozak, Lupul
JVR, Graboski, Kulimen
Conloy, Kadri, McArthur
Brown, Clement, Frattin
Donít Forget: Joe Colbrone, Tyler Biggs

Event though the situation looks good at first sight, with prospects coming up from the marlies farm, Looking at the forwards especially the top 6, one thing comes to mind inconsistency. Other than Kessel not one of the players has produced on a consistent basis in their careers. I hate the old school thinking of Leafs regime signing players to max 5 year or 6 year deals. The Caps at 70 million dollars athletes are getting secured on 10 year deals so why not go hard at free agents. Toronto lost out on Richards and GAbroik the year before due to not spending more dollars and giving less terms. Parise would be a fit in Toronto except nowhere in no blogs, tweets or rumors have I seen Toronto atleast making a solid contract offer to Parise. I mean if the hockey team sucks you need to pay more dollars otherwise thee is no incentive for athletes to choose this city. Trades could be an option but why give up a boat load of your future assets when free agents wouldnít cost you even one. I believe you have to draft good and spend money to attract quality talent in order to have a good balanced team. So the way leafs are going do not expect the addition of JVR to resruct the franshise back to the playoffs. The way they sit their in line for a lottery pick next year. Now I wouldnít be as sour however the Edmonton Oilers did a complete rebuild the same time as the leafs.

Edmonton Promising DraftStars: Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugget Hopkins, Eberle, Yapukov, Magnus Paajavri, Justin Shultz.
Toronto Promising Prospects: You could add Kadri, Colborne Gardiner Morgan Riley and Tyler Biggs however hey are way less proven and have a fairly limited ceiling compared to the Prospects in Edmonton who are already proving themselves.

Defence Pairings
Phanuef Lilles
Gardiner Komiserik
Cody Franson Gunarson
Donít Forget: Morgon Riley

This a very sub par defense group. I donít believe Phaneuf will put up the same numbers as last year. Iím also skeptical on Jake Gardiner, although a promising asset still very young and will need time to develop into a 2 way defenseman. Komiserik and his 5 million cap hit cant wait till this guy is off the books. Morgon Riley will play in the Ahl not the Nhl this year. Sutter which would make the Toronto defense better has nowhere been linked to the Leafs so he will be choosing another city.

Whatís Left Trades: Okay so you want Nash or Bobby Ryan

Heres what teams would want
Jake Gardiner, Nazem Kadri and a 1st round pick at the minimum and maybe a Lupul

Morgan Riley, Joe Colborne and a 1st minimum with a Graboski or Kulimen

This is why paying high dollars during free agency may look overwhelming but is the right way to go. You simply canít get a major Superstar without shedding a boat load of prospects in return. Now adding Sutter or Parise without subtracting anyone from the roster improves the team and makes it better. Vying for a superstar in the trade market one has to assume that the risks may outweigh the benefit as evident in the Kessel deal for Seguin. Is it time for a GM changes? What is the leaf brass doing? Truckulency helps in a certain degree but this is a game of skill speed and goaltending and the Mapleafs are way off from achieving this. Your thoughts please!