Four straight triple doubles! First time it's been done since 1989, and the Thunder are a hearbeat away from being 2-2. Why? The one man that can stop Russell Westbrook. Scott Brooks.

His dogged insistence to play Andre Roberson borders on insane. This guy shouldn't even be in the league much less starting for a title contender. I am so sick of hearing about his defense I could throw up. He bites on pump fakes like a grade school kid wolfing down Halloween candy. That is not the sign of an elite defender. He flies out to his cover, completely out of control, and they blow right past him. That is not the sign of an elite defender. His rebounding is mediocre at best and don't even get me started about how clueless he is on offense. A shooting guard that has thrown 4 air balls from the GD free throw line!!!!! In ONLY 46 attempts. Think about that. Nearly 10% of this clowns free throws are air balls!! A staggering 45% from the line! 25% from 3 point range! The most spectacular thing this doofus has done all season is cave in Russell's head!

He should not have been in the game when he did it and he sure as hell shouldn't have been in the game tonight in the 4th quarter. All that is on Brooks. Period. End of discussion.

I used to call him Scooby, the thought occurred to me watching the Thunder's lead wither away after the Roberson insertion, to start referring to him as Forrest Gump. Then it hit me, that would be an insult to the intelligence of Forrest Gump!!!

This moron has managed to derail more games than I care to remember with his pathetic substitution choices, no half court offensive (after 7 seasons), a total lack of awareness of the proper use of timeouts, and last but not least, his pitiful un-attempts at supporting his players when they are being completely hosed by the referees!!! Except for some lame exasperated look like some debutante who just got her butt pinched at her coming out ball! Why would the Thunder get the 50/50 calls, their coach is a puss and the refs know it. The hypocrite wants his players to battle on the court but he is too much of a wuss to do the same for them.

Too bad Presti couldn't trade Brooks at the deadline, he was and is the Thunder's biggest problem and it should have been purged years ago. Shame on you Presti.