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well, no actually it shouldn't. the playing bad part, yeah maybe. but the playing time part? Bryz is gonna play.

think of it this way. i'm sure the players that went over seas are thinking that this is almost like spring training for them. and they can't stay fresh and get ready if they don't play.

the problem is, it's not spring training. these teams are legit and playing legit seasons and actually care about what their record is. and especially for goalies, i mean they are the only players that really need to worry about splitting the workload because they play a position that actually has backups. so whoever is hot at the time is gonna play. and you saw those numbers from their other goalie. he's HOT. and you can't tell me he's actually better than Bryz. the guy played a total of 6 games in the NHL in his career. he's just hot right now.

so no, i really don't see any reason for concern. Bryz wants to play to stay fresh. he's getting half the playing time as the other goalie. i'm not saying he should piss and moan, but it's not a concern for me, because he's not doing it while playing for the Flyers right now. if he pulls this **** during the NHL season -- if there is one -- then i'll be concerned.

for now, who gives a **** honestly.
I'm not worried about his play exactly...yeah, it's like camp for him from a play perspective.........I'm more concerned about him having more media issues and acting like a baby........you think that will suddenly change because he's in Philly and not Russia? This is stuff that makes it feel like his mental BS wasn't just a product of culture shock in being in Philly and is actually his personality.....which is a concern........he's a fair weather guy...if he's playing well and everything is going his way he's a great guy.....when he faces obstacles he folds like card table on the mental side. Seriously, he's more worried about the media writing what he calls "filth" about him.......I don't know........I'll hope for the best but I don't see how Homer and Lavi would read that and not think..."Oye...WTF"