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    Why is the media ignoring real offensive needs??

    If you remember the year Luongo and the Sedins were signed, Gillis put all his energy into those signings and securing what he already had.

    He's doing it again with the possible exception of Schultz.

    At the end of the season, Luongo was on the bench and Schneider was starting. He's trading Luu and has signed Schneider. Status quo. Great work, but it's status quo.

    He has offered Raymond a cutdown salary, re-signing Salo, and again IGNORING our desperate need on the second line wings. The only talk about forwards is the replacement of a third line C, a hole he created himself when he traded Hodgson while Kesler was sure to be out after surgery. Again, basically trying to get back to status quo. Same as a couple of years ago.

    When we have needs he ignores them, and the media just follows along without questioning? WTF. Yesterday for the very first time this off-season I heard Ben Kuzma of the Province finally say that we were desperate for scoring on the second line. No **** sherlock!! But that was the only time I've heard anyone say anything other than echo the Canucks' official off-season plan.

    Anyone remember how things worked out for us with our status quo lineup last year? I do.

    When are we going to see some progress with our second line??

    And who thinks any of our prospects -- Jensen, Schroeder, or Kassian -- have a shot at taking those second line spots?
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    "When you have limitations and you understand your limitations and you stay within yourself, you can be great," Kobe Bryant said. "You know what you can do and what you can't do. In America, it's a big problem for us because we're not teaching players how to play all-around basketball. That's why you have Pau and Marc [Gasol], and that's the reason why 90 percent of the Spurs' roster is European players, because they have more skill."

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