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    This move reminds me of cutting Winslow. I'm just hoping we get a good replacement this time. Evan Moore sucks.

    The future is present.

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    Browner Drops Appeal, Officially Suspended 4 Games

    RENTON -- Cornerback Brandon Browner will begin a four-game suspension this week for violating the league's policy on performance-enhancing drugs.
    The suspension was announced early Wednesday afternoon. He will miss Seattle's final four regular-season games, but will be eligible to return for the postseason. If the Seahawks do not make the playoffs, he will begin next season eligible to play.

    Browner had reportedly appealed a positive test for banned substances, but is believed to have dropped his appeal and will begin his suspension with this week's game against Arizona.

    Richard Sherman, who also reportedly tested positive for a banned substance, has an appeal hearing scheduled for Dec. 14, according to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter earlier this week. Browner and Sherman were reportedly tested the same day back in September.

    Browner, 28, is in his second season with the Seahawks after being signed out of the Canadian Football League. He intercepted six passes last season and was named to the Pro Bowl. The suspension will mean he is not eligible for Pro Bowl selection this year.

    Browner has intercepted three passes this season while Sherman leads the team with four.

    Browner's apparent decision to drop his appeal reflects the difficulty in fighting a positive test for a banned substance. A player is considered responsible for anything in his body, which means the only way to fight a positive test is to argue that the test results themselves were flawed or that the substance was not actually banned (i.e. the player was permitted to use it).

    The end result of Browner beginning his suspension this week is that any discipline against Seattle's two starting cornerbacks is staggered. Seattle will not be missing both its starting cornerbacks for the same four games.

    Update: Seattle promoted Deshawn Shead from its practice squad to the active roster. Shead is a defensive back from Portland State who played three seasons at cornerback before moving to safety. A decathlete his first two years at college, he is incredibly athletic and likely will play corner.

    Seattle alos signed Ron Parker from Carolina's practice squad. Parker formerly played for the Seahawks before being released in August.

    The two cornerbacks fill the roster spots that opened up with the release of Braylon Edwards and the suspension of Browner.

    In all honesty, this sucks... But it's smart. Now lets go make playoffs.

    Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick walk into a bar... To watch Russell Wilson win the Super Bowl.

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    HUGE news

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    5. Corn Elder CB Miami
    6. Isaiah Ford WR Virginia Tech
    6. Josh Dobbs QB Tennessee
    7. Grover Stewart DT Albany State
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    Quote Originally Posted by bwallstreet View Post
    HUGE news
    Not really we got the Cardinals,Rams then Buffalo smart move by Browner though get the 4 games over with in time for the playoffs.

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    It's not often talked about, but every coach has organizations they have good/bad relationships with. I know it's been previously reported that we have good relationships with the Jets and the Packers.

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    Ian. Guest
    I'm glad the Buccs fan came in to share some wisdom.

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    Seattle, WA
    ^ That cracked me up.

    At least one of the two will be back for the first playoff game.

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    How good is DeShawn Shead? He has good size and is apparently much faster than Browner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan8585 View Post
    Damn, he seems athletic as ****, more so than Sherman and Browner. Hopefully he does well.

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    Seattle4Ever Guest
    To call Edwards a headcase is definitely ludicrous.

    It seemed like on jump balls he'd give up a lot of the time. I won't miss him that much. He did have a lot of Seahawk pride, but whatever. Perform on the field.

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    Seattle4Ever Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ccg34 View Post
    This move reminds me of cutting Winslow. I'm just hoping we get a good replacement this time. Evan Moore sucks.
    How so? He doesn't get on the field.

    He's better than McCoy. McCoy is just a good blocker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YouCan'tBeatLA View Post
    Damn, he seems athletic as ****, more so than Sherman and Browner. Hopefully he does well.
    F$%^ the Bucs! We're going to the plsy offs no matter what!

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    Seattle4Ever Guest
    This is good. Worse case scenario: Browner comes back for playoffs and Sherman misses two playoff games.

    I don't think you guys understand how good Thurmond can be. The only reason we drafted him in the 4th was due to an injury (which has actually come back to haunt him early in his career).

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    Ian. Guest
    Watch these guys miss games and the backups eat everyone alive.

    Wouldn't surprise me with how Pete and John find defensive talent.

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