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Thread: FAQ & Rules

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    FAQ & Rules

    Sim League FAQ

    Q: What is the NBA Sim League?
    The NBA Sim League is a lot like a Dynasty/Franchise mode in a video game. Basically you take control of an NBA team, just like in real life. You control the draft, trades, free agency, etc., and make trades with your fellow GM's, trying to win championships. You basically become the GM of your team and try to win championships. The Sim League also can go on an unlimited amount of seasons, so you are building for the future as well, just like in real life.

    Q: What are cutbacks?
    Cutbacks are when you trade someone to another team, and then that other team cuts that player right back to his original team for the minimum contract. This is done for cap purposes, to make a trade work. However, the team that cuts the player gets stuck with his contract, even if that contract is more than 1 year, and the team that traded the player loses his Bird Rights even though the player never really left the team.

    Due to the uncertainty of what's a legal cutback and talking to some GM's whenever you do a cutback with the lowest salary going out has to be at least 70% of the other team's(highest salary going out). So for example, if you are doing a trade with someone and you have a 10M cutback, the other team's player or players have to be at least 7M.

    Q: What are Bird Years?
    Bird Years are basically how long a player has been with a team. A player continues to gain Bird Years unless he hits free agency and signs with another team, or is cut. When a player has 3 Bird Years, the team that controls his Bird Years can give him 1 more year on a contract than any other team, and go over the cap to sign him. This is how teams in real life resign superstars for max contracts even when they're over the cap.

    Q: Do we allow teams to cut players and resign them so they can trade them at an easier cap number?
    No, we do not, this is complete manipulation of the cap and we do not allow it.

    When is the trade deadline?
    Day 100.

    System is basically the last system we used.

    Here are the cap figures, luxury tax threshold and budget for each season.

    Year Soft - Luxury - Budget
    2000 - 2001 Cap - 43.5m - 57.5m - 80m
    2001 - 2002 Cap - 47.5m - 60.0m - 82m
    2002 - 2003 Cap - 50.0m - 62.5m - 84m
    2003 - 2004 Cap - 52.5m - 65.0m - 86m
    2004 - 2005 Cap - 55.0m - 67.5m - 88m
    2005 - 2006 Cap - 57.5m - 70.0m - 90m
    2006 - 2007 Cap - 60.0m - 72.5m - 92m
    2007 - 2008 Cap - 62.5m - 75.0m - 94m
    2008 - 2009 Cap - 65.0m - 83.0M - 105M
    2009 - 2010 Cap - 67.0m - 85.0M - 108M
    2010 - 2011 Cap - 67.0m - 87.0M - 111M
    2011 - 2012 Cap - 67.0m - 87.0M - 115M
    2012 - 2013 Cap - 70.0m - 90.0M - 120M

    Salary cap wont move from 2012-2013.

    Salaries are counted at the end of the season.

    Here is how it works.

    if you have a 60 mill dollar roster in 2000-2001 you will get 30 mill dollars to spend on camps, trades, and the such.

    However the luxury tax from now on will be very different. For the first year you are over the luxury tax you must pay dollar for dollar. However go over the luxury tax for 2 years and you must pay double. Be over for 3 years and you must pay triple. be over 4 years and you must quadruple. be over any more years and it is only quadruple. Also note that being 1 dollar over and it stacks and being 1 dollar under and erases. so be sure to manage your money wisely.

    So, what happens if you go over budget and/or go over the luxury tax?

    nothing. If you have the cash for it. However if you do not have the cash you will lose your best player to the highest bidder. I don't really have a system for this because I really hope it isn't necessary.

    There will also be a minimum salary of 55 mill and it will cap out at 60M. if you don't have that much salary no penalty however you cannot collect more from the budget.

    Luxury Spends:
    Extend a Second Rounder: No Cost
    Second Rounders can be extended for one additional year at $540,850.

    Cut a Second Rounder: No Cost
    Second Rounders can have one or two years cut from their contract.

    Cut a First Rounder: 1/2 the players salary in the current year.
    First Rounders can have the final two years of their contract voided.

    Hire a Trainer: $4m
    A player can have his injury cut in half by hiring a trainer. This can only be used once per individual injury.

    LeBron Who?: $2m
    Increase a playerís loyalty by 10 points by recapping what happened to LeBron.

    African Adventure: $2m
    Decrease a playerís greed by 10 points by taking him to Africa.

    The Karl Malone Treatment: $2m
    Increase a playerís play for winner by 10 points by reminding him how Karl Malone never won a ring.

    - Players are only allowed to have 3 Skill Camps in their career.
    - You can only give a player the same Skill Camp twice in his career. The 3rd must be another Skill Camp.
    - Players can only be Skill Camped once every two seasons.
    - Players age 30 and older cannot be Skill Camped or attend an Athletic Workout.
    - Teams can only use 5 camps in a season, this tally includes all types: Skill Camps/Athletic Workout/Euro Trip.
    - The Skill Camp and Athletic Workout period is from Training Camp to Sim 4. No camps will be input after Sim 4.
    -The Euro Trip period is from Training Camp to Sim 1. No Euro Trips will be input after Sim 1. Players who attend Euro Trip must play entire season and the boosts are input before the season, not after.
    -Each Athletic Workout can only be used once on a player.
    -Players can receive Athletic Workouts in back to back seasons and during a same season they receive a Skill Camp.
    - You can't use a Skill Camp or an Athletic Workout on a player who received Euro Trip that year.

    Every Camp will cost $10m ($25m for Commissioner)
    Athletic Camps $5m ($12.5m for Commissioner)
    EuroTrip $25m ($62.5m for Commissioner)

    Skill Camps
    Inside Camp - 4 Inside, 4 Jumping
    Shooting Camp - 4 Jump-shot, 4 3pt
    Peri Camp 1 - 2 Steals, 3 Peri D, 3 Drive D
    Peri Camp 2 - 2 Steals, 3 Post D, 3 Peri D
    Peri Camp 3 - 2 Steals, 3 Post D, 3 Drive D
    Peri Camp 4 - 2 Post, 2 Peri D, 2 Drive D
    Post Camp - 2 Blocking, 3 Post D, 3 Drive D
    Rebounding Camp - 4 O Reb, 4 Reb
    Ball Handling Camp - 4 Handling, 2 Pass, 2 Quickness

    Athletic Workouts - One Use per workout per player
    Strength - 4 Strength, 10 pounds
    Speed - 6 Quickness
    Jumping - 6 Jumping

    EuroTrip - Send a player to europe to get some extra time. Only available for rookies
    +2 to all the ratings, no pot boost

    Full Scouts- There will be no full scouts. First as pointed out by several GM's, full scouts basically take away the fun and mystery of camping your players, and keeps things relatively realistic. Plus I won't lie, they are a ***** for the commissioners to do. (agreed)

    Teams are given 5 free potentials and individual scouts each season. Your team only.
    Additional pots/scouts - $1m

    *Note: The free potentials are non transferable year-to-year.
    Therefore, make sure you take advantage of them each year.

    Qualifying Offers: Free, this is because you're paying for it in salary.
    Players salary will be +20% of the players year 4 Salary

    The Draft

    - The draft time will be noted in the announcements and will usually start right after the playoffs unless otherwise told
    - When a GM logs on, they have 30 minutes to pick.
    - Come draft time, no invisible mode people or I will assume you are online.
    - If you are trying to make a trade while on the clock, you will be granted a 30 minutes extension to get a deal done.
    - Scouted pot= real pot.
    - No skips between 12 AM and 9 AM. EST Time zone
    - if you are withing 3 picks you will have 30 minutes to pick


    We will still have waivebacks, but any player being waived back can only be waived for free. Anyone trying to waive their superstar player because he has a large contract be forewarned.

    A team that is over the cap can't make waiver claims from the end of the playoffs until the end of free agency.

    *The price for any player being waived CAN'T be changed in the first 12 hours of the waiver.

    If a team trades for a player from the end of the playoffs to the end of free agency (this means when the trade is processed, not when it is agreed upon), they may not trade that player back to his original team until the following off-season. If that player is waived, he may not be claimed by any team that has traded him within the last season.

    Conversely, any player that is traded or claimed on waivers during a season cannot be traded back to the original trading team until the following season.

    How does this look? Will prevent the ridiculous claiming/trading for players during the season to help someone out from under the luxury tax, then giving them back in the off-season for the most part. There's a little wiggle room for a team that is over the luxury tax, but gets under the salary cap through expiring contracts for the off-season, but that is frankly a very rare occurrence. I don't really know how to write that into the rules without screwing up waivebacks, though.

    This also prevents people from waiving players to teams over the cap to get more cap room, then getting them back after free agency.

    Trade Committee (5) - All trades will pass automatically unless there is a dispute from the GM's in the league and then it goes to the committee to pass. Any GM can post in the trade thread.

    Job Checker-1: This person will remain anonymous for the season so as not to be influenced. The checker will report to the commishes on how everyone has done at their job and together they will decide how much each person will make.'

    TC- 5 members: Performance based. Vote on every trade and you get the maximum amount. Miss a couple and you will get less.

    Bankers-2: 1 per conference. Keep track of the cash.

    Camp/Spends Checker-: Keep track of the camps given to each player. Make sure teams donít use more than their 5 free potentials/individual scouts.

    Waivers-1: Update them daily please.

    If your player is the best as his position on your team or one of the top 5 players on your team, he must be at least #1 at position on your depth chart. In addition, your TOP players have to be OPTIONS.

    People who aren't article makers can still make articles. The commishes will judge the article on not necessarily length alone, but mostly quality of the work. For example a complete PR will be given more Cash than an article on 1 team only. We will grade the article and award cash for each article.



    Player of the Week - $150k
    Player of the Month - $400k
    Rookie of the Month - $300k

    All-Star Game Participant - $350k
    All-Star MVP - $200k
    3-point & Dunk Contest Contestants - $150k
    3-point & Dunk Contest Winners - $150k
    Rookie/Sophomore Game - $150k
    Rookie/Sophomore MVP - $200k

    All-League First Team - $700k
    All-League Second Team - $500k
    All-League Third Team - $300k
    All-Defensive First Team - $500k
    All-Defensive Second Team - $300k
    All-Rookie First Team - $400k
    All-Rookie Second Team - $200k

    Defensive Player of The Year - $600k
    6th Man of The Year - $350k
    Rookie of The Year - $600k
    Most Valuable Player - $1.5m

    (PPG, RPG, APG, BPG, SPG, FG%, FT%, 3PT%)
    League Leader in any category - $500k
    Ranked 2-5 in any category - $100k

    (PPG, RPG, APG, SPG, BPG, OPPG, FG%, FT%, 3PT%, OFG%)
    League Leader in any category - $500k
    Ranked 2-5 in any category - $100k

    Team Accomplishments: Exclusive, not cumulative.
    Win between 0-10- -$25 million
    Win between 11-20- -15 million
    Win between 21-30- -5 Million
    Win between 31-40- Nothing
    Win between 41-45- 5 Million
    Win between 46-50- 10 Million
    Win between 51-55- 15 Million
    Win between 56-60- 20 Million
    Win between 61-82- 25 Million

    Playoffs: Exclusive, not cumulative.
    $5m for Winning 1st Round
    $10m for Winning Semi-Finals
    $15m for Winning Conference Finals
    $20m for Winning League Championship
    GM of the Year - $2.5m

    Example: If you win 60 games you only 25 mill not 25+20 mill.
    If you win the championship, you only get $20m, not $20m+
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