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    O'Reilly Not on the trade block

    Per the Denver Post, the Avalanche are not looking to trade away Ryan O'Reilly yet.

    "While differences remain in negotiations between young center Ryan O'Reilly and the Avalanche on a new contract, the two sides still are talking. The Avs are not attempting to trade him at this time, according to two NHL sources.

    O'Reilly's latest offer from the Avs is the same Matt Duchene signed with the team last summer: two years, $7 million, the sources said. O'Reilly turned down a five-year, $17 million offer last summer.

    O'Reilly is looking for more in the neighborhood of $5 million per year. Both the Avalanche and O'Reilly's agent, Mark Guy, had no public comment on the negotiations, though Guy confirmed the sides still are talking."
    Read more: Avalanche not considering trade of Ryan O'Reilly; sides still talking - The Denver Post
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    He's a major piece going foward for the Avs and an awsome penalty killer. Easily one of the best two way fowards in the league (next to Nielsen on the Isles ) I hope they get a deal done soon, hes a good piece on the Avs.

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    Ya, though from what I've been hearing they've been getting along pretty well with out him.... Doesn't mean we shouldn't try to still get him though.

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    Without him this team is on its way to a top 5 pick.

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