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    Jun 2009
    +48m Greg winning NFL pickem

    +$10m made playoffs (last & this year, didn't do last yr claims)

    +$15m win conference finals last year

    +$1.2m Diop dpoy last and this yr

    +$600k Kobe in both dunk & 3pt contest last and this yr

    +$300k Kobe all league 3rd team

    +$500k Diop all defense 1st team

    +$100k Diop top 5 RPG

    +$500k Diop league leader bpg

    +$100k Hunter top 5 bpg

    +$150k Fortson potw

    +$100k Sonics top 5 bpg

    +$100k Sonics top 5 fg%

    +$100k Sonics top 5 3pt%

    +$100k Sonics top 5 obpg

    +$100k Sonics top 5 otopg

    -$50m this years camps

    New total: $38,811,423

    +$25,537,982 for 2006/2007 budget income

    New total: $64,349,405
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    PSD Sim League | Phoenix Suns GM

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