We give up a fifth round draft pick and a prospect for Pouliot. Which given his flashes of good play was to me worth the risk at the time.

It seemed like a good move.

Pouliot was of course a RFA. Seemed like a no brainer, throw the guy an offer sheet he signs, we have a strong third liner to take the place of one of the guys that didn't work out last year.

And then in his infinate wisdom Stevie Y does not bother to give the guy an offer sheet.

Thus as of today ... Pouliot is an UFA.

The thought process I have seen out of Tampa appears to be that Stevie doesn't want to risk Pouliot asking for arbitration.

So ... essentually Pouliot is free to sign with any other club on the 1st.

So, even if Pouliot does decide to sign with Tampa ... he didn't have to.

And her is my problem with Stevie Y as a GM ... the guy seems aweful willing to give things away to other teams and get nothing in return.

I mean if we do not sign Pouliot (because he in all reality can do whatever he wants now) ... where was the win for us in giving away a draft pick and a prospect?

I see the win in giving away a D-man we really needed to Detroit last year ... we also gave away a fan favorite ... oh wait thats not a win.

I am sorry for being negative ... I just saw us being Stanley Cup Champs again before Vinny and Marty called it a day ... I am quickly losing hope that Steve is the GM to get us there.