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Thread: Off Season

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    Feb 2011
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    Off Season

    Well, it appears we all took the season off from posting.

    (all four of us)...

    Anyway, keeping track of the changes so far, every single change just makes me doubt Steve Y's ability to be a GM just a little more than the previous decision.

    Not a bad draft, but not a great one either.

    I just do not see the moves that are going to get the Lightning to the playoffs this year.

    We cannot seem to decide which goalie is going to be the least horrible from week to week. We bought out our team captain (which has good and bad sides).

    Most of the important role players are gone and replaced with Vanilla folks who didn't get the job done.

    Steve Downie ... my heart still bleads that he is gone and replaced with a train of people headed back to the AHL.

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    Jan 2009
    He's very inconsistent.

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