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    Quote Originally Posted by LLMunchie619 View Post
    Pronger = LITR = +5 Mil. Before one of you geniuses out there try to tell me we can't use that money now, yes we can. We can be 10% over the cap until the same point at which LITR money comes off the cap. Thank you

    Also, we should be trying to get Garrison because I believe his number will be more like a 3.5-4.5. One good year should not earn you that kind of money. Look for a 3 year 4.5 mil deal from us if we go that way. A couple articles lead me to believe that we are looking for another right handed D-man though. The cap is set around 70.2 mil so I think we could pull it off.

    Our cap availability is actually over 11.35 mil. If we signed Parise and Voracek that would leave us at 13 O-men going against the cap. That means either waiving Shelley (1.1 million) or sending down Rinaldo/Wellwood (550k +). Then you look at the D. The Flyers probably won't hesitate to either waive or trade Lilja to make room in the cap because we will have 9 NHL ready D-men. So there is another 735k. Voracek gets around 2-3 years at around 2.75-3.25 per. I think the offer on the table right now is 2.5 mil and he is just trying to see if anyone else is going to make the Flyers pay a little more.

    If you run the numbers you have 11.3 mil in cap + 5 for Pronger + 1.25-1.85 mil in waives/send downs and then probably an injury causing someone to go LITR during the season lol. So lets just go with 18 mil even (adding those numbers up).

    Parise @ 8 mil
    Garrison @ 4.5 mil
    Voracek @ 3 mil
    Biron @ 1-1.5 mil
    TOTAL 16.5-17 mil

    That would still leave us with just over 1 mil in cap space before any injuries or trips the LITR this season
    Don't get prongers money until after the season starts good try though
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