The biggest thing with Parise is he wants to be the unquestioned star. In Pittsburg there is no way he won't be in the shadow of Malkin and Crosby. If he comes to MN he will be the man. So that gives us hope.

Losing Gui I think makes us that more aggressive for forward help. Even though we have better prospects to call upon in case of injury replacement I still think the Wild will go hard after a Jamie Langenbrunner ( who would also help with Parise), Peter meuller, or maybe even a Shane Doab on a short deal to provide scoring depth.

Also I think we will be aggressive on the trade market. If we sign Parise plus a Langenbrunner we wont have room for guys like Coyle, Larsson, Zucker, or basically other prospects not named Granlund. I could see us trying to move Cullen, Bouchard, Clutterbuck, or even Setoguichi in that situation. Also if we strike out on Parise I could see us going the trade route to find a scorer rather than taking
a chance on a Semin or Parenteau.