Is Newly Acquired Lubomir Visnovsky Going to Stay in Europe?

Friday night at the Coliseum draft party, Islanders radio man Chris King interviewed the newly acquired Lubomir Visnovsky via phone from Europe. Visnovsky was at home in Slovakia and there’s now a chance that he may stay in Slovakia to play or even head to the KHL in Russia. The slovak website snagged an interview with Visnovsky after he was acquired by the Islanders yesterday. (Credit to NYIFC for finding it)

In the interview, Visnovsky says that he is weighing offers from both the KHL and from a team in his home country of Slovakia. He has not come to a decision as to where he will play in 2012-13 yet, but it appears that he is seriously considering the other offers. Here’s the Google Translate version of the pertinent questions:

In early May, you said that you expect in the NHL last season. Still this is true?
“Still, but I can say that I get a bid from Russia and I think about them. He and his wife have already talked about the fact that in New York can not not go and I’ll take any offer from the KHL, and because I have such opportunities. We’ll see where I end. KHL has signed a contract for some of the NHL and Europe is the only league where I could play in the NHL despite the contract. ”

An interesting approach. Can you give a percentage, where you play next season?
“While I do not know it really well so I think in the head. NHL is certainly paramount, but we need to discuss this at home. But as I said, the KHL is a possibility. ”

Certainly expect that you will be asked for your interviews with managers of the Slavs.
“We met, but I did not get an offer. Maros knew that I still have a contract in the NHL, so it probably did not address. But I think also the fact that I finished a career at Slovan, because this is my Heart. In the meantime, do not want to end a career, perhaps waiting for me last season in the NHL, but I hope and believe that it will not last season in his career. ”

And when you offer, that official will come, it is possible that the longer you play next season in Slavic?
“It’s possible, this option also exists. But not really in a very theoretical. I do not know if I Slovan wants. ”

If we say that the season 2012/13 occurs in the Islanders, it’s part of our bold claim?
“Would it be so, so you can write it. However, there are other ideas, as I would like to address. ”

The Islanders would probably be disappointed, right?
“Of course. But now I have these things to pass, it’s business and I’ll deal with it according to what is best for me and for my coming. “

It’s a bit tough to read but it’s clear that Visnovsky states he has offers from the two other leagues and hasn’t come to a decision yet. Many on television and on Twitter hailed the trade as a great deal for the Islanders. Could this be why the price tag on Visnovsky we so affordable?

Visnovsky said earlier in the interview that the Ducks let him go for financial reasons and he was informed by GM Bob Murray that he could be moved earlier.

You really did not know that it will be the Islanders?
“It’s not at all, I just knew that some exchanges about Anaheim and I had the biggest team in average salary. It could be inferred from this that touches me some change. Age-I was one of the oldest players and salary cap simply let go. ”

As for the Islanders, it seems like they would be out of luck if Visnovsky did sign up to play in another country. As far as what has been reported up to this point, the Visnovsky trade was not dependent on him coming to play in New York.
****ing fantastic. what a waste of a 2nd round pick if he picks europe.