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Schenn will be fine -- he's got all of the talent in the world & now he has Chris Pronger to teach him how to play the position.
Not to be Debbie Downer here, but, who says Prongs is even going to be around the team if he is not playing? Last year they only saw him a handful of times at best after he suffered his injury. Just sayin...
Either way I would like to think the change of scenery, getting linked up with his brother, and a new coaching scheme help him to maximize his potential. I hate to see JVR go, but at least we have a certified steamroller patrolling our blue line in exchange.
Now the Sedin's, Kostitsyn's, Staal's (well 2 of the 4), and the Schenn's are all on the same team. It makes it kinda cool to see the families uniting haha