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Thread: Suns Gripes

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    Aug 2005

    Suns Gripes

    Bird Years:

    Daniel Santiago 0
    Jake Tsakalidis 0
    Paul Mcpherson 0 His contract should run for just 1 year, his second year was waived for free.
    Tony Delk 0
    Chris Dudley 0
    Mario Elie 0
    Ruben Garces 0
    Shawn Marion 1
    Corey Blount 1
    Rodeny Rogers 1
    Tom Gugliotta 2
    CLiff Robinson 3
    Jason Kidd 5
    Afernee Hardway 7


    Afernee Hardaway : From b-c b c+ c to b- c B+ B- c
    He was an amazing handler and passer, one of the best ever at that even if injuries slower him down a bit, he also was very very good at steals and a good defender.

    Tom Gugliotta: From C C C- B+ C to C+ C C- B+ C+ he had a nice touch inside and he was a moderately good rebounder, he actually put up 14 and 8 the previous season as an starter, and theres no reason why he wouldnt have put it this one had he been an starter.

    C Blount at C
    Guggliota at C
    Marion at PF
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