Show you how its simmed:

The Elite Hockey League is a player sim hockey league that uses EA Sports NHL 09 for PC to run the game. A player sim league is where the members basically control everything in a hockey league. Some members are GMs and most are the players. As a player you post, buy and watch. Meaning you are your virtual player. Basically this is the hockey life, without physically doing anything.

The game we use to sim is the NHL 09 for PC. With NHL 09 I can show the game being played, post screenshots and all sorts of stuff. I can even put your face on your player in game!

What you can do once you sign up is go to the player creation forum where you copy a template and put in your stats. Then soon their will be cash. The cash is for you to go buy cooler equipment from the EHL shop.(everyone starts with boring equipment and yes you can see the equipment on you in game). You can also use cash to buy training points, to bet on EHL games, or other events.

Please if you have any questions about anything containing the league, ask away!