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    Roster Gripe/Position Change Rules

    At the beginning of the league, gripes allow a GM to ask the commissioner to consider why a player should be rated higher than he currently is. If a player’s weight, height, salary, or anything else is incorrect, please notify the commissioner as well.

    After this, gripes are used to change players’ positions based on the GMs wishes. A player’s position does affect how he grows through training camp.

    Gripes Format:
    Thread Name: Team A Gripes
    Player B
    Current Ratings: C C C C C
    New Ratings: B B B B B
    Explanation/Justification here.


    Thread Name: Lakers Gripes
    Kobe Bryant
    B B B B B
    b+ b- c+ b+ c
    Explanatoin: he's not that bad of a defender and is a better scorer.

    Position Changes:
    -You can request position changes for your players in your team changes thread, they will be done for the next sim.
    -Players can be changed and changed back as many times as you want.
    -There will be no "wonders" so if you're requesting a position change please make sure you are willing to take a permanent ratings decrease if your changing from a position that has a higher cap for certain ratings than the position they're changing to.
    Example: PG's have a maximum rebound rating of C, if you changed a C+ rebounding SF to PG then changed back later his rebounding will not go back to C+ at SF after all of these changes.
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