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Kids these days.

Four beers?
I was gonna guess three. (And I might be right.)

I puked all over the place Friday night... was camping at the Gorge for Paradiso, drank 2/3 of a fifth of Tanqueray over about five hours. Used to drink a fifth of Captain Morgans in a night no problem, back in the day. But those days stopped about 6 years ago, so my tolerance for liquor ain't quite what it used to be. These days I pretty much only drink beer. Anyway, it was an absolutely wonderful night, with a horrible 5 minute ending. Then almost all day Saturday my stomach felt like ****... baaad heart burn, felt hungry but not... I just felt ill, and until like 8pm. I've never had a hangover anywhere near that bad. But then I only started drinking gin like three or four months ago, so that in itself might be the problem. Anyway, I still had fun... soooooo many gorgeous women that were wearing close to nothing...