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    Trade Deadline thread

    With the most exciting time of the NHL season for some, the Trade Deadline, now only a couple short days away we have to answer the questions of the Trade Deadline.

    Contenders or Rebuilding?
    What are the teams needs?
    Will they go after those needs or stand pat?
    Who specifically will the Canes go after?

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    The Cans are only a point out of the playoffs but they have Pittsburgh and Buffalo to compete with for the last spot ...Buffalo is injury plaged so they are rip for the picking ..The Cans will probably go for it and try to improve on there scoring and team defence ...Netting a top six forward and a stay at home type defenseman should be high on their list

    There top guys have been disapointing ..Staal only has 49 points and it looks like age has caught up to Rod Brind'Amour who is a whopping -30 OUCH

    If I was the GM though ..I would take advantage of this being a sellers market and trade away a bunch of the teams assets and blow it up and start over again ..This team is just not good enough to get past the first round of the playoff s if the do sneak in

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    Mr. Rutherford ? Can the Leafs have Eric Staal ? We will happily give you Komisarek, Kadri and a 2nd rounder.
    Can we take your silence as a yes..... .?
    Great - thanks !

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    Well, given that we definitely won't get pass the 1st round, I find it irresponsible to trade any young assets for a vet to potentially help our chances in the short term. I like what we've had done with our rebuilding and I wish to continue it. I would trade people we obviously won't re-sign at the end of the year, like Bryan Allen and Spacek, for whatever we can. So I would rather trade some vets and get young assets/picks in return.

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    We(the Rangers) would give you 2-1st rd picks,Erixson,Kreider, and Bourque for both Staal brothers.

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