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Yeah I think we all like our teams and are shocked at our rankings. I'm just eager to find out what PSD thinks of our rosters. I don't really like leaving 2 teams off each conference. I thought this was was a contest of who has the best team and we would let PSD decide.

The East could easily rank the WORST Western Conference teams so they can go against the easier teams, and the West could rank the WORST Eastern Conference teams so they can go against the easier teams. If the non-participants decided the ranking, no one could use that argument.

The only true and fair way is to have PSD rank the head-to-heads using the draft order to decide the match-ups.

Number 1 pick vs. Number 16 pick
Number 2 pick vs. Number 15 pick
Number 3 pick vs. Number 14 pick
Number 4 pick vs. Number 13 pick
Number 5 pick vs. Number 12 pick
Number 6 pick vs. Number 11 pick
Number 7 pick vs. Number 10 pick
Number 8 pick vs. Number 9 pick
So in your head you think that the FAIR thing to do is automatically stick the team that got to pick 1st at the top of the rankings and automatically stick the team that picked last at the bottom?

You're right, seems totally fair.