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I'm going to a Savannah Sand Gnats (Mets) Vs Charleston River Dogs (Yankees) Single A game tonight. I been to Cubs games (from Chicago) but never been to a minor league game, tonight is a double header, game starts in the bottom 4th inning at 5:30 and the second game starts at 7:05. I wanna go for autographs and I have a few question:

1) I wanna get autographs, how early should I get their?

2) When the first game is over, are they gonna take a break or are they gonna go right into the next game? I figure it should get over around 7:00, if it gets over say 7:20 are they still gonna take a 20 minutes break or are they gonna go right into it?

3) If anyone been to a Sand Gnats game, can they give me info about the team or the stadium to help me be successful.