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    Just Got PS3 Madden....Need A little Help Here....

    Just finally got Madded 13 for PS3. Only played it for a sec last night, so maybe I need to exlpore more but:

    1. Is there really no franchise mode? I have to do a "coach" career mode and it doesn't have nearly the same functions or simplicity of last year's, and I have to deal with all these coaching goals and crap?

    2. Is there no suprise onside kick? Last year you hit circle instead of x and it'd be a surprise onside. Now it's the right stick and don't see how.

    So far not impressed. I mean graphics are about the same, features and game modes gone that were there. Only good thing is that new infinity engine or whatever it is. Players don't fall the same way twice. Kinda cool.

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    Only connected career and no surprise onside. Connected career would be fun if you could sim more games at once and there was a better user interface.
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    if you knew what do with that surprise onside kick you could get it almost every time....was very hard to defend...i think thats why they took it out, you could only do it once a game anyways

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